The Christmas Recap

Wow was my Christmas holiday ever busy! I’ll skip ahead to Sunday (the 20th) since the only eventful thing happening before that was getting a cavity filled.

On Sunday, I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party. Beforehand my friend & I went to Goodwill to hunt down the most hideous and tacky stuff we could find. We also hit up the dollar store to accessorize. In the end, this is what we ended up with:

IMG_5397 And the end result for me?


One detail you probably can’t see is the stylish gold stripes on the red shirt. Subtle but it just adds that perfect holiday touch. Oh, and you know that sweater is awesome. It was actually from the Gap so apparently at some point in time it was at least semi-fashionable. And that necklace I’m rocking? Homemade. I bought some tinsel and an ornament at the dollar store (believe me, it took forever to find the perfect shape and colour).

The rest of my Christmas holiday involved a lot of eating. I had a Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday dinner. And then leftovers on Christmas day. My family was supposed to go to Hanover, but the freezing rain/rain/snow business going on kind of put the kibosh on that one. So even without that one dinner, I still had THREE Christmases.

I’ll admit, I was worried. I typically watch what I eat, but somehow during the holidays that concern gets pushed more to the backburner. I think it’s because I want to enjoy things rather than worrying how many calories are in the couple of baked goods I’m eating. And I know I’ll be good about getting back on track after the holidays. Somehow though, I gained less than a pound in the 9 days I was at home for, which is pretty miraculous considering I had all those Christmas dinners (plus desserts, typically a slice of pie and/or some baked goods) and ate cereal for breakfast half the time (and I love cereal so I always eat way too much of it compared to when I eat oatmeal). I feel kind of flabby but I know that’s from the major lack of exercise this month.

So I’m recommitting right now. I want to get back to my routine of working out for 30-40 minutes 4-6 days per week (including cardio and weights). That worked great for me before in keeping me in shape, fairly toned, and giving that wiggle room to enjoy the occasional treat. Plus, I feel WAY better about myself when I’m working out (probably because I don’t have a stomach pudge like the one I’m currently rocking).

I do have houseguests coming on the evening of the 28th, until the afternoon on the 31st so my routine might be interrupted, but I’m going to be happy with myself if I work out today (the 26th), the 27th and the 28th before they arrive. That way, I can still meet my weekly quota for exercise even if I don’t do anything while they’re here.

One last note before I start cleaning the house: I love Boxing Day. I scored a pair of jeans, two sweaters, two cardigans, a long sleeved shirt and three t-shirts, all for half of what it would have cost if it wasn’t on sale. Score!! It also means I’m finally rocking a pretty full wardrobe for the first time since losing weight (hey, it takes time and money to rebuild it to the same extent!).

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and spending time with friends/family!



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