I’m a graduate!

I’m officially done university! I actually finished on December 16th at about 10am after writing my last exam, which thankfully went well. I felt like I studied all the right material and hardly ever had to make a complete guess on the questions. It was a great feeling and a great way to finish up my undergrad!

I’ve been at home since Wednesday afternoon since I had a dentist appointment scheduled for the next morning at 10:30… to fill a cavity. Ugh. But really, I can’t complain that much since I hadn’t been to the dentist in a while (uh… like 2 years… or more) so the fact that I only had one cavity is kind of miraculous! Anyway, being at home has been interesting.

My parents know of my decision to eat vegetarian. However, my mom still offers me meat. Huh. It’s a little weird. And being at home is more challenging, as I have to provide my own meat substitutes, and the fact that the holidays are here doesn’t help (but more on that later).

So I did this: I brought home three servings of tofu and a half cup each of dried black beans and dried chickpeas. I cooked up the beans yesterday and made two bean patties and three servings of bean “meat”balls. Voila, my meat substitutes!

I still think my mom thinks it’s weird. I don’t blame her that much. I was THE pickiest eater as a kid. I wouldnt eat pasta sauce that had “bits” in it (aka onion or spice pieces). Tomatoes were out unless it was pasta sauce or ketchup. I would never dream of eating zucchini. So the fact that I happily eat beans and tofu now is probably a bit of a shock as a kid. What can I say, my tastebuds have changed a lot over the years!

Onto the holiday issue. Since it’s my first Christmas as a vegetarian AND I’m not 100% adamantly opposed to eating meat, I’m going to partake in small amounts of turkey at the three Christmases I have. I know, I’m kind of wimping out, but Christmas is one of the only holidays that I see my family and I don’t want to spend that offending my grandma who slaved away cooking a turkey, you know? It’s also my first Christmas ever with my grandma & grandpa on my mom’s side. They usually go to Florida but didn’t this year so I want to have a nice Christmas with them, rather than spending it explaining my vegetarianism and possibly offending them.

Anyway, I’m off to do some Christmas shopping (and by that I mean start.. haha, I fail this year)!



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