Where have you gone, November?

I’m sitting here looking at my calendar, realizing that a) I haven’t blogged in a good 10 days and b) November is almost over! Where does the time go?

I’m currently supposed to be writing a paper (or two… ahem) so this will be quick & pictureless.

What’s new?

School is hectic. From now until the end of my school term (December 16th) I have the following to finish: two papers (about 20 pages between the two), a poster presentation, a quiz, a lab report (12 pages) and a final exam. I also may or may not have about four weeks of reading for my psychology & religion class to catch up. Oops!

I’m also starting to apply for jobs. I sent out my first resume on Wednesday, to a company that I really, really, really want to work for. They’re not advertising that they’re hiring right now, but I figured sending out a resume wouldn’t hurt. You should have seen me there at the computer getting ready to email it. My boyfriend is sitting with me, telling me to just go ahead and press send, after I’ve asked if he’s sure it looks okay. Repeat this about ten times and combine it with mild hysterics and panic. I finally had the mouse over the send button and then hit it, following which I had another moment of panic thinking of all the things I might have done wrong on my cover letter/resume.

So, my fingers are crossed.

On the exercise front, I’ve been all over the place. I set a goal to be active in some way each day for the next month (November 11-December 11) and I’d met that goal 80% of the time. I’ve gotten back into running though I seem to have myself convinced it’s too cold to run outside (never mind the fact that I started running in March, not exactly a balmy month) so I’m relegated to the treadmill only when the roomies aren’t home (for some weird reason, the treadmill messes with our internet connection). I do want to get in some outdoor running before we get too much snow. I just need to go out and do it.

As for eating vegetarian, I’ve been sticking to it 99% of the time. I’m addicted to eating ham on my grilled cheese sandwiches and that’s honestly been the hardest thing to give up. I caved today and I also have in the past, but otherwise I’m making the transition well! And seriously, I love tofu. I feel bad for ever doubting it!

Going home next weekend should be interesting – I have only told my boyfriend that I’m eating vegetarian. My parents have yet to learn, but I’m planning to take some tofu home so I have that as an option at dinner. I’m not entirely sure what they’ll think!

Alright, essay time (again)!



2 Responses to “Where have you gone, November?”

  1. 1 Kristie November 29, 2009 at 3:37 pm

    Tofu is awesome. Maybe you should make a really great tofu-based dish for them right when you arrive home to squash any doubts they might have about vegetarian eating. As for the ham on grilled cheese, could you try those fake meat slices like tofurky or something as an alternative? I’ve never tried them but it might be worth a shot.

    It’s chilly outside but temperatures are still pretty decent for this time of year! I went out walking all bundled up the other night and it was quite nice. I’m a huge cold wimp but as long as you’ve got lots of layers going on you warm up in no time. That’s weird about the treadmill and your internet though??

    Good luck with getting all of the school work done. I can’t WAIT until these next few weeks are up. And extra good luck on the job front! What is this job that you are really hoping for?

    • 2 Valerie November 30, 2009 at 8:08 pm

      I might look into fake meat stuff. The only downside can be the price.. I’ll have to see how much it is.

      The job is with a consulting company that does psychological assessments for a bunch of different things – educational and vocational stuff. So it’s pretty relevant to my degree which would be nice! I haven’t heard anything back yet but I’m still crossing my fingers and looking around for other stuff.

      Ugh, the school work is slowly killing me… I finished my paper for adolescent development and handed it in today. Thankfully I’d had about 80% of it done earlier in the week since this psych & religion paper I had to write took away my motivation. Now I just have this poster thing to make for my research class but it involves a lot research and looking at stats. After that I have a small break, thankfully! Hopefully all your exams go well… are you at least done pretty early in the exam period?

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