A mixed bag

Today started off well. I went to work and had a really nice chat with one of my co-workers about some of our concerns about work. It was really nice to know she felt the same way about certain things!

After work, however, I found a lovely treat on my car.


Uh oh. I got this while parked in an expired metered spot on campus for 5 minutes. The time on the ticket? Literally 2 minutes before I got back to my car! Seriously? Ugh! I was a little miffed until I remembered hearing about other people that just never paid the ticket. Since it’s through the university and not the city (which can then cause issues when you try to renew anything car related if you have outstanding tickets), the only way they can track you down is if they have your plate on file. They don’t have mine, so I’ll cross my fingers and watch my account for any holds. Hopefully I’ll be home free and won’t have to pay the $30 (who knew parking for 5 minutes could cost so much?)

My mood got better when I got home and found this on the counter:


Oooh, a parcel for me? Let’s find out what was inside!


A mysterious white box. Hmm…


It looks like a water bottle! It was then that I remembered my CIBC Run for the Cure run reward that I ordered on October 5th. And that’s exactly what it was!


I got this for raising $300 for breast cancer research! Pretty nice, eh? I like the plastic top on it. My current water bottle has a metal top on it and I find it makes the water taste funky. Hopefully this one will work out better!

My mood also improved when I remembered I have a brand new dress hanging in my closet! My boyfriend’s work is having a Christmas party in about 3 weeks so I went dress shopping last night. I spent a little more than I anticipated but I fell in love with the dress on the rack and trying it on only solidified my opinion that it had to come home with me. Besides, I can also wear it for science formal at my school, coming up in March!

Here’s a sneak peek:


I’m so in love with this dress, it might be borderline unhealthy! Haha! But seriously, I realized last night that shopping in general is so much more enjoyable now that my body image has improved.

It’s been a slow process though. I reached my goal weight of 135 in May of this year and it wasn’t until several months later that I realized just how much smaller I was after losing 40 pounds. I’ve since lost a bit of additional weight (I was at 129 last I checked) and finally, 6 months after hitting goal, I actually feel thinner. It’s been amazing to finally be able to appreciate just how different my body is and to feel like all my hard work has paid off. And it makes shopping more fun! Instead of worrying that I won’t fit into the biggest size, I’m at a happy medium in the sizing spectrum. My main concern is now that I’m not entirely happy with the way it fits, rather than whether it even fits at all.

I feel so blessed, that after hating my body since the age of about 18 (when I gained the weight), I have come to accept the way I look. I can look in the mirror and feel good about myself. I do still have days where I see flaws. My body image isn’t perfect all the time, but the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. I’ve learned to embrace the shape of my body rather than desperately wish I looked different.

Has anyone else experienced a discrepancy between how you look and how you think you look after losing weight? Were you surprised when people would comment that you’re tiny now when you still feel bigger? I’ve heard that it can take months or years for your brain to fully process the changes, depending on how much weight you lose! I definitely had that experience!



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