Squash success, chick pea fail

This week, I was suddenly inspired to try cooking some things I’ve never attempted before.

First up, squash! I picked out a small pepper squash at the grocery store and did some searching for cooking instructions. It seemed simple enough. I cut the squash up, drizzle some melted olive oil margarine over it and sprinkled some brown sugar on it like my mom does. After baking it in the oven for about 50 minutes, it came out nice and soft and SOOO yummy! I’ve missed having squash! I’m feeling a repeat of this for tonight’s dinner!

I tried my hand at cooking raw chick peas and black beans yesterday. The black beans turned out fine – I soaked them overnight and cooked them for about an hour and a bit according to the package directions.

The chick peas were a whole other story. First, we have some slightly confusing directions:


So it says to soak overnight to reduce cooking time and later says soaking is not recommend. Huh?? Well, since soaking wasn’t recommended, I skipped that step. It didn’t get any better after that. As you can see, the total cooking time is 55 minutes. After an hour, they still weren’t cooked. So I kept on cooking them, wondering what the heck is going on! My black beans were long finished cooking and chilling in the fridge before these got anywhere near cooked!

I later checked online. You ARE supposed to soak them if you don’t want to spend a million years waiting for them to cook. Well, darn you and your confusing instructions NuPak! At least I’ll know for next time and I guess on the plus side, I got a ton of homework finished while waiting in the kitchen. Being away from the distraction of my computer is so helpful sometimes!

Speaking of my computer: tragic news. I went to use my computer yesterday morning and moved the mouse to “wake up” my monitor display. After a quick glimpse of my desktop, it went black, flashing occasionally along with the power button. Nothing I did seemed to fix it. My boyfriend hooked it up to his computer in case something was wrong with my computer, but it did the same thing.

Sigh. My poor 6 year old monitor finally gave up on me! But on the plus side, I got a shiny new monitor that is HUGE in comparison – it’s a 20” widescreen while my old monitor was only 17” and not widescreen. It was even ON SALE for $40 off! Here it is, looking all glamorous in the picture I shamelessly nabbed from a website.


The buttons are all touch/heat sensitive, which resulted in me not being able to figure out how to turn it on initially. Now THAT was a seriously embarrassing call to the boyfriend, who works as a computer technician. I’ve definitely learned a lot about computers from him but that wasn’t one of my finer technology related moments! But it works now, even if the menu things are super awkward and I haven’t quite figured them out yet!

My journey into vegetarianism has been going well. I did eat some shrimp one day when out with friends. We went to a cafe near our house and although I wasn’t intending to eat when I got there, I started getting hungry while waiting in line (it was packed – though it was a Friday night). Sadly, their menu isn’t very vegetarian friendly unless you want a salad, pasta or the single sandwich option. So I caved and got a spinach salad with shrimp. I think that will likely be a challenge – finding vegetarian options when going out to eat. Thankfully, more restaurants are willing to accommodate to that now and some even have several vegetarian options which is great!

Now, after this update, I’m off to search for some motivation to write a paper. I have one due next Friday and the progress I’ve made so far is picking a topic. Uh oh… I also have one due the following Monday, which thankfully I HAVE started but I really need to get in gear for these next couple weeks!



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