30 Day Challenge

I’m really struggling to get back into the exercise groove, since falling out of it when I got sick. I’m the type of person that can fall off the exercise wagon after a week of missing workouts, so missing an entire month of regular working out from being sick is making this a real challenge for me.

But I’ve decided enough is enough. I’m better now and I’m a little tired of feeling out of shape and less toned than usual. The only way to change that is to do something about it.

I’m committing right here, right now to my own personal 30 day challenge. From today until December 11th, I’m going to commit to exercising in some manner every day. It can be as simple as taking a 20 minute walk or doing some strength training for 10-15 minutes. But I’m going to be physically active each day.

I also want to get back into running regularly. I really do miss it and hopefully I haven’t lost much endurance. I’ve only been able to run twice since getting sick. Once, I ran for 15 minutes at a time when I thought I was getting better initially (turns out I wasn’t). I also ran for about 8 minutes a few days ago when my cough was basically gone. It may not be much, but it’s a small start and I know I can only build from there. I’m hoping to do a short 3km loop around my neighbourhood tonight or tomorrow to ease back into things.

I know I can do this and I’ve got some accountability right here with the blog to keep me going!

In other news, I bought a winter coat after visiting about 5 stores in the mall. Old Navy was having a 50% off sale but all the coats were: a) as long as dresses on me (I’m 5’3″ so shorter coats are preferred), b) had only 3/4 length sleeves (um, hello, I live in Canada, that’s not going to help) or c) were white or bright green (not my colours of choice). I headed to another store where I fell in love with a coat. Unfortunately, I fell out of love pretty quick when I saw the $170 price tag. A store across the way saved the day. I found a coat really similar to the $170 one for only $100. Even better, this coat included a free pashmina scarf! Score!

IMG_5268This coat is longer than I’m used to but I fell in love with it right away! I loved the way it fit – I’m so used to winter coats being bulky and shapeless but this actually nips in at the waist nicely.

And here is my free pashmina scarf:

IMG_5272The only trouble is this: I’m semi-fashion inept, meaning I’m not really sure how to wear it. Do you use it like a regular scarf or is there some special way to work it? Maybe Google can help me!

On a final note, I found this yesterday (but took a picture today when I brought my camera to school specifically to snap this):


It was posted beside the mirror in a washroom in the psych department at my university. I’ve read Operation Beautiful in the past and always thought it would be cool to see one in person. Well, I underestimated my own reaction. The minute I realized what it was, I couldn’t stop smiling and I feel like my day got a little brighter. It was just really touching! I don’t know who posted it or when, but it’s been there for at least 2 days and no one has moved it. I hope it stays there for a long time 🙂



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