Stove top oats

I accidentally bought old-fashioned oats at the grocery store this week and after a few sub-par breakfasts of rather chewy, watery oatmeal bowls made in the microwave, I finally consulted the cooking instructions. See, before this, I’d assumed that I should cook old-fashioned oats in the microwave just like my usual quick oats. Apparently not!

The only cooking instructions listed were for stove top. Oops! So I followed them (mostly… I’m not usually a strict recipes kind of cook), added some unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze and oh. my. gosh. They were amazing – creamy and puffy and yum yum yum! I found myself wondering why I’d never cooked oatmeal on the stove before (then quickly remembered it’s because I’m lazy). I think I’m going to be doing this from now on even though it takes 10 minutes, vs. the 1.5-2 minutes microwaving it takes. It’s just so much better!

Sadly, said oats disappeared into my tummy before I could photograph their amazingness!

Anyway, enough about my recent love affair with stove top oats!

I took a look at my calendar this morning:


Geez, October has been a busy month! Thankfully my calendar for November looks nothing like this (yet). I swear I was here, there and everywhere with a million school things to do. By the way, note the colour coding by class/work for each thing – crazy organizer alert – and the sun sticker which clearly makes everything happier!

Anyway, according to my calendar, this is week #7 of my 12 week school term. Week 7! Meaning I’m over half-way done my final term. I have 5 more weeks of classes, with my fist/only final exam 1.5 weeks later. I’m done my undergrad on December 16th! I can barely believe it. I need to do some major planning ahead in terms of my job situation for then. I currently work two part-time jobs and will need to either a) add a third (yikes.. I’ve had 2 jobs many times before but never 3), b) get rid of one and add a P/T job with more hours or c) find a full-time job and ditch both. I don’t know which option I prefer so I might have to do some old fashioned pro/con lists to help me decide the best approach. I think for now, I’ll apply to whatever job no matter the hours and decide based on which jobs I may actually get. The economy is still kind of dicey so I may end up with little choice. We’ll have to see where the future will take me!

I’m off to do some reading (I’m so so behind from when I was sick – possibly with swine flu! ack!) and work later on this afternoon!


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