Why wait?

For the past week, I’ve been sick with a cold. It’s been no fun at all especially since I barely had the energy to go to class and do homework, let alone exercise.

But I’m better (about 80%) and I decided I would get a workout in today. As I was sitting at my computer thinking about it, I thought “alright, at 8:00 I’ll hop on the elliptical and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls”. Then I thought, why wait until 8:00? What am I doing now that’s so important?

So I jumped on the elliptical right then (well, after a mad search for my running shorts which were hiding out under my bed) and caught up on some So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I only did 22 minutes – after all, I am still recovering a little from a lovely cough/congestion combo – but the point is this: instead of deciding to do it later (why yes, I AM a procrastinator) I did it right then.

And I felt great afterward. My legs were hating me a little, since it’s been a good two weeks since I did any intense exercise but they’ll show me love tomorrow I’m sure!

I’m trying to love the elliptical a little more. The weather has been anything but lovely as of late and as the temperature drops, running outside is going to become less and less appealing. Plus, I live in Canada. I’m not exactly up for the challenge of running on snowy/icy sidewalks. So basically, I need to find something else to do in the winter to alternate with running on the treadmill. I’m determined not to slack on working out this winter! I think the key is entertaining myself while using the elliptical. I can zone out to music on the treadmill but the elliptical and I have less of a warm, fuzzy feeling toward each other. Tonight, watching some kick butt dancers helped so maybe that’s the answer!

I’ll give it another shot tomorrow and see how it goes!


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