Love Your Body Day

Today is Love Your Body Day, a day to appreciate the way you look and what your body has done for you. It is designed to raise awareness to the ways in which unrealistic images in the media promote unhealthy body images and poor self-esteem.

When I heard it was Love Your Body Day, my first thought was “Do I?”


Despite my past struggles with the way I look, I feel very confident in saying that I love my body. I appreciate it. I’m not perfect and that is okay.

I love my muscular legs for allowing me to run. These legs carried me through the CIBC Run for the Cure 5K in my personal best time of 29:11.

I love my stomach. Maybe it’s not firm and flat, but to me it looks healthy. I’d rather have a little extra around there than not enough.

I love my arms. They’re strong and are only getting stronger all the time. I used to struggle to do 5 “girly” style push ups. Now I can do over 30. When I started, I couldn’t do a single regular push up. How many can I do now? 5 and I’m proud of it!

Through everything, my body has always kept going and for that, how could I give it anything else but love? This body is mine and should not be compared to any others. My body has its own unique shape, but I’m thankful for that. Why would we all want to look the same anyway?

I encourage everyone to celebrate Love Your Body Day by thinking about why you love your body!


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