Groceries and a new job

I’ve been making an effort to be frugal lately, mainly because I wasn’t getting many hours at my part-time job, meaning less money than usual. Thankfully, I got a second job yesterday! I’m going to be looking after two kids a couple days a week after school or on weekends, which is perfect – it’s flexible and not TOO many hours. After all, I’m still in school until December with three classes. So between the two jobs, my bank account should be happier and I won’t feel overworked, as I would doubt I’d ever be working more than 15-20 hours per week.

Anyway, with watching my money, I’ve decided to post my weekly grocery shops to better keep track of what I’m spending money on. We didn’t need much this week as we had late Thanksgiving with the boyfriend’s fam jam on Sunday and our fridge is packed with leftover turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes (yum yum), but we did pick up the following:

400g deli ham
macintosh apples
small container organic baby spinach (5 oz I think)
head of broccoli
a couple bulk carrots
spanish onion
head of cauliflower
jug of orange juice
chocolate Almond Breeze (on sale for $2!)
rice noodles
ginger soy stir fry sauce
block of light cheddar cheese
1 kg oats for oatmeal
loaf of oat & honey bread

The damage? Only $42.27! Split in half (roughly), I paid $21.00 for groceries this week. Considering it’s usually $25-30 each, not half bad!

We’ve already made progress with cutting back our costs. Since the boyfriend and I are both students and working part-time, watching the finances are super important. So far we’ve done the following:

  • bought things from the bulk foods store whenever possible (especially on Wednesdays with the 10% student discount)
  • switched brands/types of products if something is on sale (as long as we know it’s a quality product)
  • made our own soups/chili
  • bringing our own bags to the store (most of the stores charge 5 cents each, so not a HUGE cost but it ads up over time)

Hopefully next week will be just as successful for savings!

I’m now off to write a lab report for a research course I’m taking. Oh how I hate APA style!


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